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Winter skin care: how to face and conquer the cold with personalized skin care

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Winter is coming… And when temperatures drop the skin requires more care. This is a fact which must not be underestimated, especially for people in certain age ranges and in the presence of specific problems.


If your face appears more stretched and your skin drier in winter, and if your lips easily become chapped, it means that your skin is particularly affected by atmospheric fluctuations. In fact, one of the main effects of cold on the skin is the constriction of blood vessels. As a result, the tissues receive less oxygenation and nutrition than necessary and, for the same reason, cellular renewal also slows down: the result is that the skin becomes dry and “tight,” making the surface easy to break down.


The cause of this situation is to be found in the hydration of our outer layer. The skin’s poor hydration causes it to become less toned and less elastic when exposed to atmospheric agents, leading over time to the formation of signs of aging such as the much-feared wrinkles.


In addition to the importance of water, which in this case becomes essential even if the thermometer is close to zero, it is also extremely important to protect the outer skin with highly hydrating and elasticizing products, and this importance becomes greater as we age. From the age of thirty, multivitamin-based Hyaluronic acid-based active ingredients are ideal, while from the age of forty it is recommended to also add Ceramides, which are bio-structuring for cells.


For the novices here, Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the skin that helps to keep it hydrated and plump. It has the ability to hold large amounts of water, which helps to keep the skin moist and smooth. While Ceramides are a type of waxy lipid molecule that help to hold skin cells together in the top layer of skin. This helps to keep moisture in the skin and protect it from allergens and other external substances(you can find out more about Ceramides here). At NEREA, we believe these two natural ingredients are very important for organic skin care, that’s why we included both of them in ALL of our creams and serums!


Nonetheless, choosing the right cream based on your age and according to your needs, plays a crucial role. If you have dry skin, it is essential to opt for day creams that contain higher SPF protection and are generally more hydrating and soothing. Just like our cream Florida and our serum Sempreverde.


On the other hand, if you have very oily and seborrheic skin and the temperature change accentuates the phenomenon of acne formation in you, focus on purchasing day creams that have a high concentration of vitamin A, which is an excellent sebum regulator. Just like our cream Spirale and our serum Gorgolaio.


Finally, whether your skin is more sensitive or more resistant to weather changes, always be careful of the products you use during the evening cleansing of your face before going to sleep. In winter, prefer micellar waters to simple cleansing wipes, and especially if you have oily skin, go for products containing soothing active ingredients that could weigh down your skin’s texture in summer. If you have dry skin, avoid doing scrub treatments with a smoothing action this season and schedule this treatment for spring. Luckily, our face cleanser Nuvola, has been developed specifically for all skin types. Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, anti-oxidants it also features soothing and regenerating properties that can benefit all types of skin during any season.