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At Nerea we believe that human happiness is enhanced from the well-being of the planet. We put great attention in the research and development of new ways to create cosmetic products without harming the planet. From ideas inceptions to products manufacturing, from packaging material choices to transportation, everything is dealt with great care for Mother Nature.

Beauty and Care are our nicknames, and we apply those words to humanity and nature alike. We know that all of our actions today will have an impact on future generations, that’s why we spend a great deal of energy on researching and planning, to make sure our choices would be our children’s. That’s why it was important for us to become Certified Organic.

We are a diverse company founded on the principles of tolerance, open-mindedness and charity. We believe sustainability and biodiversity are essential elements to tackle the several crises we find ourselves in, and we work hard to curb waste and limit our carbon footprint on this beautiful planet.


NEREA was born when our scientists discovered a way to make natural enzymes bond with botanical molecules and dramatically improve the extraction of nutrients from plants extracts, fruits extracts and snail secretion filtrate extract, allowing these nutrients to be used and absorbed by our skin doubling up their anti-aging effect. The next step was to create the world’s most powerful organic creams and serums that can deliver incredible results without harming our skin.

We use first-of-its kind proprietary technology to increase the power of plants ans develop high-performing formulas. This way in our formulas we do not need parabens, phtalates, and all the other harsh chemicals that beauty companies around the world use to deliver “immediate results”. Except when driving a sport-car, in our world “fast” has never been synonym with “good”. Healthy things need their time to grow and develop, just like our organic crops that do not use any type of pesticide or poison.


Working with researchers at leading universities in Italy, including the University of Bologna (first university founded in the West in AD 1066), we researched, developed and tested our ingredients until we were sure we reached breakthroughs in anti-aging science. Vitamins, Minerals, Peptides, Anti-oxidants, Carotenoids, and natural Acids and sources of Retinol, are all packed in our preparations to nourish your skin in an organic way. Our products can reestablish the strength and structure of the skin, and enrich it with Omega-3, Omeca-6, Hyaluronic Acid and natural Retinol, for a younger look. They can protect against UVA and pollution, (the biggest cause of skin aging and genetic damage) rebalance skin surface microbiome, boost skin cells turnover rate and reduce the methylation of DNA chains in skin cells.


beauty is seen
as a mean to

brings empowerment.

And empowerment
leads to happiness
and wellbeing.

Happy people make a
happy Planet.


we celebrate diversity.
We are a young
and diverse
company founded
on the principles
of tolerance,
and equality.
Our products are
made for all
skin types, all
and all genders.


As known and accepted worldwide, Italy is not just synonym of beauty, art, love and good food; it is also a synonym of quality and superior craftsmanship.

We manufacture our Organic skincare products 100% in Italy, using ingredients coming 100% from Organic Agriculture, and here we start the journey to share with the world our quality preparations crafted by master artisans.

There are absolutely no harmful or toxic substances in our creams and serums. As required by the AIAB Organic Certification, we only use genuine, nutritious ingredients, and never test on animals in our skincare.


600,000 gallons of water

1200 trees

900,000 lbs of waste

500,000 lbs of CO2


NEREA was started from scratch by Lasty Swallow, a South African model, stylist and beauty expert with the compelling need to be helping others.

Lasty comes from very humble beginnings. She was born in Botswana, a country in Southern Africa, and her house didn’t even have electricity when she was a kid. Yes, she could see elephants crossing the roads for water… and zebras and antelopes and giraffes everywhere she would turn her head, which was a real blessing, but that world was so far away from the dreams she had for her future…

See she was born with a spiritual fire inside, a noble need to help others, to accomplish things and to create something that would be useful for the people and for the planet.

Some of the other kids at her school or within her circles were well off, and they were making fun of her and her ambitions… they couldn’t comprehend how a poor girl from a small village in the middle of the African savannah could one day achieve anything. But her dreams were bigger than their spoiled egos and laughs, and so that didn’t stop her from starting a profitable modeling career that allowed her to live off her beauty and focus more on her studies.