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The benefits of starting your day the good way

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Did you know that starting your day the right way can bring you benefits all the way until the evening?

Oftentimes, when we hear the alarm ringing at dawn, we just try to postpone it and rest for a few more minutes. Once, maybe twice… Until we finally wake up late and must do everything in a hurry, with the risk of forgetting things or getting stuck into unexpected traffic jams. And what this approach does is making us angry since the very first hours of the morning.

Without even realizing it, we start accumulating high levels of stress from the early morning, day after day, and over a prolonged period of time that causes a state of chronic fatigue and tension that we carry around, and that can consume our energy and deplete our relationships.

Scientists and experts have no doubts, for a healthy life, both physically and mentally, constant physical activity and good nutrition aren’t enough, we need to introduce some small but crucial healthy habits.

Let’s start by saying that one of the first mistakes most of us make, is to set several repetitive alarms at a distance of minutes from each other. We hope that this will help us waking up more easily and softly but we don’t realize the opposite happens, since we’re actually causing stress to our body and mind. Experts say we should instead establish the right time for us to wake up every morning according to our schedule, and then stick to it. We should go to bed at night at an appropriate time and make an effort to harmonize our sleep pattern and our daily wellbeing. Soon enough, we’ll realize that our bodies will adapt and develop an automatism within their biological clock making our wake up in the morning easier and easier day after day.

Ok, we made it, we can finally wake up every morning without having to fight with our pillow. Yay! Now we have to continue our day along this righteous path. As soon as we get up, we should drink a big glass of water at room temperature to hydrate our bodies after so many hours without receiving water. Then, before we begin to think about all of our commitments for the day, we should take a moment to breath-in peace within us. Avoid rushed movements and prioritize soft and sweet ways. Going out for a short relaxing walk and a few minutes to stretch and squat is the healthiest way to wake up our bodies naturally and gently.

And it’s time to eat! Of course, it goes without saying, never skip breakfast. On the contrary, make it pleasant and diversified. We should try to alternate tastes and colours on the table (that’s what we do in Italy at least, 😊) without over-eating and without forgetting to hit play on our favourite background music!

After breakfast we should probably start getting ready, we don’t want to take it too slow now! Our skincare routine should be flawless and most of all organic. Starting with a good nourishing face wash, like NEREA Nuvola, to clean our pores clogged during sleep, we should hop onto a powerful regenerative serum, just like NEREA Gorgolaio that soothes, exfoliates, nourishes and hydrates our skin, besides increasing our skin cell turnover rate. But before going out, it is essential to give our face a good protection against air pollution and atmospheric agents, as well as against the substances contained in our makeup. An excellent example is NEREA Florida, which contains an Anti-Age Algae Complex, renowned for offering our skin a natural protection against heavy metals, oxidants, exhaust gases and other forms of air pollution. In addition to that, Florida is rich in nutrients and Omega-3 and with its re-plumping spheres of Hyaluronic Acid it fills up the lines of your skin, helps storing water deeply and stimulates the production of new proteins. Florida is suitable for all skin types, it prevents premature aging and creates a perfect basis for our make-up application. Check it out here!

Lastly, never forget to smile when you leave your place and venture out into the world.

Smile, and be grateful for this beautiful gift we shared called Life.

Smile, and be the positive impact other people are looking for.