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Anti-age cream

Snail slime serum

Peptides Cream

  • Nuvola - Delicate skin cleanser

    Not your regular face wash. NUVOLA is a cutting edge...

  • Sempreverde - Anti-age serum

    Created with the latest technologic developments, Sempreverde contains an innovative...

  • Gorgolaio - Snail slime serum

    Crafted with our innovative Enzymatic Snail Secretion Filtrate Extract, Gorgolaio...

  • Prospera - Peptides Cream

    A new way to counteract the ageing process of your...

  • Florida - Algae-based Anti-age cream

    A new way to counteract the aging process of your...

  • Spirale - Snail slime cream

    A new way to regenerate your skin.Rich in healthy nutrients,...



Our certified organic formulations deliver powerful results leaving your skin healthy, glowing and young,
and they’re 100% Made in Italy!


Do You Know… Organically grown plants and fruits, like the ones used in all NEREA products, may produce up to 60% more* antioxidants than non-organic plant sand fruits. (*British Journal of Nutrition Volume 112, Issue 514 September 2014, pp. 794-811.)


What we stand for:

Bio Eco Cosmesi AIAB it’s the ultimate Italian Organic cosmetics certification, with worldwide recognition. Our products have to endure a long and attentive procedure to be able to comply with these regulations.

Perfect for Women and Men!

Among the AIAB certification requirements and good practices you can find:

Use of agricultural and zootechnical material from organic farming;

Absence of non-vegetal raw materials which could be irritant or detrimental to human health;

Exclusion of GMO products;

Forbidden animal experimentation;

Absence of environmentally unsustainable materials, both in the product and in the packaging.


Anti-age serum

Snail slime cream

Delicate skin cleanser

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When you buy NEREA, you support organic agriculture, organic manufacturing, and the skills and knowledge of Italian high tech lab specialists, who are boldly committed to creating the most refined approach to each and every skin type.

We aim to intensify beauty and amplify confidence in our clients

with attentively researched organic skincare products that cause no harm to our planet.