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HI! I'm Lasty

I have to be honest it hasn’t been easy… I come from very humble beginnings. My house in Botswana didn’t even have electricity when I was a kid. Yes, we could see elephants crossing the roads for water and it was amazing, but that world was so far away from the dreams I had for my future…

Some of the other kids were better off and they were making fun of me and my ambitions because it wasn’t a fit for their small minds, but my dreams were bigger than their spoiled egos and laughs, and so that didn’t stop me from starting my modeling career and living off of my beauty. Eventually when I finished high school I was able to move to South Africa where my career in the fashion, beauty and entertainment industry picked up. That was a crucial step of my life that molded me, making me stronger and giving me confidence. And that’s where I started really becoming obsessed about beauty and skincare, but in a natural and organic way.
I was seeing my friends and colleagues making use and injecting in their faces all the kinds of crazy things and I was literally repulsed by that. I didn’t even like make-up at the time. And seeing all that, actually inspired me even more to be conscious of the things I put on my skin. So I turned away, relied on my strength, and sticked to my core values for taking care of my body. And that’s when it all happened; I was already going to the USA regularly for vacation… and one night… this Italian guy came to me telling me that I was the most beautiful girl in the club, and that he wanted to date me and that he was serious. I gave him a hard time but he was so persistent… and handsome I had to admit. So I gave him a chance. Little did I know that in less than a year I would be engaged to this man and that he would help me realize my dream of coming to America and finally start a beautiful life here. And I am so grateful to America and to Giacomo for all this. The little girl from Botswana was now a fully grown woman fulfilling the most impossible of dreams… I was very happy, but as time went by, I started noticing small lines and cracks on my face and around my eyes, I wasn’t 20 anymore and I had to be even more aware of my skin. In my industry I have to be
young, period. There’s no other way. So I developed a real phobia of aging, but I still refused to inject in my body silicon, BOTOX or any artificial stuff. You have no idea how many people were ruined by BOTOX. For me, skincare has to be organic, there’s no compromise, and most of the brands out there are not… And that’s when a relationship with my Italian man became even more important. I was already going to Italy regularly to his family and it was always a pleasure to find out how obsessed they are about organic and genuine things… They literally get mad if they see things not done in a natural way. So it just came natural to me to start studying organic cosmetics, picking ingredients with Giacomo and developing our own skincare formulas in Italy. I was finally able to solve my life-long issue of not wanting to inject BOTOX.
That’s why now I am so grateful to be able to share our brand NEREA Milano with the world. A very rewarding feeling. I am grateful and happy for all the people like me that will finally be able to rely on powerful certified organic skincare products to treat their skin the way it deserves: genuinely. And I am grateful to America and to Italy that gave me the opportunity to realize my dreams, despite my humble beginnings.